BMI Grip Hand / Wrist

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BMI Grip Hand / Wrist

The BMI Grip hand is indicated for moderately  (60-100 degrees) contracted fingers. This design supports a rehabilitative goal to increase range from the palmar T-bar to a palmar roll that can stabilize the contracture around 45 degrees. This  splint will benefit patients suffering from skin   integrity issues, arthritis or CVA (stroke).

  • It is easily applied by sliding the hand on to the palmar T-bar.
  • The wrist is malleable and can be molded to the desired position.
  • Comfortable for the patient and prevents fingernail access to the palm.
  • Washable soft goods and laundry bag.
Size Palm Width
 Left Right
Petite Up to 3″ HGR-PL  HGR-PR
Regular 3″- 4″ HGR-RL  HGR-RR
Large 4″ Plus HGR-LL  HGR-LR

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