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BMI™ HKO (Hip-Knee Orthosis)

BMI™ HKO (Hip-Knee Orthosis)

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Measurement Guide

Please measure thigh 4” above the center of the patella for fitting.

Size Fit Product #
Small Up to 17” HKO-S
Regular 17.5” and up HKO-R


Features and Benefits

  • Designed for hip & knee flexion contractures
  • Three abduction settings (2"-4")
  • Steel components make it durable
  • Soft, comfortable strapping around the thigh
  • Malleable cuffs for customized fitting with pressure relieving gel
  • Covered with Orthowick™ fabric to prevent maceration
  • Included mesh laundry bag


  • Post hip replacement surgery
  • Hip/Knee Adduction
  • Knee Scissoring
  • Gait training aid


Other Hip Knee orthosis with plastic, less durable components


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