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About Us

BMI International is committed to the manufacturing of quality prefabricated rehabilitative orthotics. The rehabilitative orthotics are used to treat conditions associated with neurological traumatic injuries, post-surgical procedures, immobility and the associated pressure sores and joint contractures. In bracing with orthotics, the goal is to correct the deformity, ease pain, and increase range of motion for the patient.

BMI International prefabricated products are sized from extra small to extra large and have been developed with ideas from “hands-on” experiences from physical therapists, occupational therapists, and restorative nursing professionals. BMI has several Certified Orthotic Fitters who continually evaluate the product line and the efficacy of the products.

BMI International has several patented prefabricated orthotics that comfortably treat foot and ankle, knee, hip, elbow and hand and wrist deformities due to contractures. The cushioned fabrics and construction techniques promote patient compliance and are of a quality that can be backed up by a 90-day warranty. This is an industry standard for prefabricated orthotics that are worn, washed often, and will also last for the length of the treatment time.

BMI International prefabricated products have become an important part of rehabilitative treatment programs in the United States and Europe. Physicians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, directors of nursing and skin care nursing in long-term care and home health companies have trusted the BMI products in the treatment of their patients. Healthcare professionals have come to count on the comfort and quality performance of the BMI products which will result in reducing costs and recovery time for their patients.