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BMI™ ESO Elbow
BMI™ ESO Elbow
BMI™ ESO Elbow
BMI™ ESO Elbow
BMI™ ESO Elbow

BMI™ ESO Elbow

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Measurement Guide

Bicep & Forearm cuffs are interchangeable.  Choose cuff sizes by measuring 4” above and 4” below the Elbow. The ESO can be applied to fit the Left or Right arm. Set the goniometer for flexion and extension stop.

Cuff Fits
Small 6.5-9”
Medium 8.5-11”
Large 10.5-13”
X-Large 12.5-15”
Elbow Strap Fits
Large (22")
mild to moderate contracture
X-Large (24") severe contracture

Features and Benefits

  • An easy-to-apply elbow splint to preserve range of motion

  • Static goniometer hinges: medial and lateral to set for flexion and/or extension stop

  • Can be set incrementally for increased range of motion (15 degrees)

  • Comfortable cup design that is sized by measurement for a good fit. Can choose size for bicep and forearm

  • Elbow pad can be kept velcroed and attached to one side when doffed to keep it from being lost. It is an important component for 3-point pressure against contractures


  • Mild and moderate flexion contractures and hyperextension

  • Stroke patients and Arthritis and MS intervention to preserve ROM


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