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FlexEze® ECO Elbow

FlexEze® ECO Elbow

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Measurement Guide

Contracture Severe +1” BICEP Only

Size Bicep Forearm Left Right
Small   9” – 10” 7.5” –  8.5” ECO-SL ECO-SR
Regular 10.5” – 11” 9” –  10” ECO-ML ECO-MR
Large  11.5” – 13” 10.5” – 11.5” ECO-LL ECO-LR
X-Large 13.5” – 15.5” 12” – 13.5” ECO-XL ECO-XR
XX-Large 16” – 17.5” 14” – 15” ECO-XXL ECO-XXR

Features and Benefits

  • Dynamic treatment to preserve range of motion
  • Static goniometer hinge that can be set for flexion stop
  • Comfortable one-piece design
  • Elbow pad can stay attached with doffed
  • Great for night-time use!
  • It allows for three treatment options:
    • Option 1:  Has a dynamic bolster (FlexEze®) that will impede flexion for the more severe or neurological contractures. It is designed for a low load prolonged stretch.
    • Option 2:  Is a soft splinting method that uses a bolster of beads that is lightweight but keeps the elbow from flexing on moderate contractures. This option is available by request only.
    • Option 3:  The lateral goniometer hinge can be set for flexion and extension control. The goniometer is applied to the outside of the elbow so that no hard goods are in contact with the patient’s body.
  • The goniometer and elbow pad are included with either Option 1 or Option 2
  • Included mesh laundry bag


  • Mild to moderate elbow contracture
  • Stroke patients
  • Arthritis


  • Any Elbow with two-cuff design
  • A static Elbow that needs to be set progressively
  • Any Elbow without dynamic properties

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