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FlexEze® Resting Hand
FlexEze® Resting Hand

FlexEze® Resting Hand

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Measurement Guide


Size Palm Width
 Left Right
Petite Less than 3″ HRFM-PL HRFM-PR
Regular 3″- 4″ HRFM-RL HRFM-RR
Large 4″ Plus HRFM-LL HRFM-LR


Features and Benefits

  • Malleable padded pan for support of the hand and fingers
  • Dynamic treatment to preserve range of motion
  • Flexible spring steel with memory at the core of the wrist support
  • Secure strapping system that keeps hand on splint
  • Radial and ulnar wings to prevent deviation
  • Included mesh laundry bag


  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Flaccid hand
  • Mild wrist and finger contracture


Static resting hand that would not be as beneficial to the mentioned diagnosis


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